Breakout is a real life escape game where you will be locked with your team (2 to 5 members) in a room filled with clues, puzzles, riddles, and brain teaser. Your team will have 60 minutes and will be running against the clock to breakout. you will only need your team, brain, and common sense to find the clues, solve the puzzles and Breakout. Your goal is to exit the room before the clock runs out and most of all enjoy your time throughout.

Team Building

Breakout is a nice and fun event. Players have to efficiently cooperate within their team to reach the goal of the game and Breakout of the room.

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Fun Activity

Breakout is a great way to spend some memorable time with your friends or family, Spend an hour playing a fun, yet challenging game as you work together to find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape the room.

For video gamers and puzzle-fans, it’s time to utilize your skills and try out our live action game. Challenge yourself and compare your time with other teams.

General Information

  • A team of 2-5 people can play the game, for a better experience we recommend at least 3 people per group.
  • The actual escape game is maximum 60 minutes long. Before the game we need to brief your team, and after the game we will give you some information regarding your performance throughout the game. So the entire experience on average takes 90 minutes.
  • Both English and Arabic speakers can play the game as the game uses minimal written material. Any written material will be provided in both languages.
  • No physical or dangerous activities happen inside, you will not need any physical force, it is a game for the mind.
  • The age limit is 15 years old. Younger players are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my team be joined by any other people?
No, you will play only with your team, the game is designed for 2 -5 people.

How long does the game take and when should we arrive?
The entire experience should take 90 minutes max, you should arrive 10 minutes prior to your booked time, usually there is a session booked after yours so appreciate your punctuality.

What if we are running late, or one team member is late?
Your booking is only valid for the time you booked. If you are running late please let us know by calling 056 766 7007 so we can reschedule your session if possible.

What if we are more than 5 members?
Please call us at 056 766 7007 or email us at [email protected] so we can arrange something for you.

What is the recommended number of people per team?
The game is designed to accommodate teams from 2 to 5 members. For a better experience we recommend at least 3 people per group.

Is the game scary or have a horror theme?
The game has no aspect of any horror in it. It is just a group game filled with fun and different puzzles that requires no physical effort. You will need your brain and your team to be able to get out in time.

What if I am claustrophobic?
The room is only locked symbolically and you can get out whenever you feel like it. The BreakOut team will also be watching inside the room and will be in contact throughout the whole game.

Are tickets refundable?
No. All sales are final. Please be aware of that our game is a live event, so once the booking is confirmed, refunds, cancellations or reschedules are not accepted.

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